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Avril Lavigne, Hello Kitty

Is Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty' the Worst Double Entendre Ever?

What the heck was she thinking with that video?
By: Brendon McCullin | Apr 24, 2014
Michael B. Jordan,

Will Michael B. Jordan Be Wasted on Action Movies?

He's got two potential franchises on his docket.
By: Sage Young | Apr 24, 2014
Reign, Adelaide Kane

Why It Matters That ‘Reign’ Ditched Its Love Triangle

Mary/Scotland is the best relationship on 'Reign'
By: Molly Freeman | Apr 24, 2014
Starred Up

Director David Mackenzie Talks His Tribeca Film 'Starred Up'

The filmmaker discusses how the movie takes on prison, therapy, and father/son relationships.
By: Michael Arbeiter | Apr 24, 2014
Dwayne Johnson, Fast & Furious

27 Surprising Celebrity College Majors

Who knew Danny DeVito could do hair? Go figure.
By: Staff | Apr 24, 2014
Peeples, Peeples

The First Posters from the Peeps Movie Have Arrived!

Get ready to see Easter candy in a whole new way.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 23, 2014
Flash Gordon

All the Ridiculous Reasons Why a 'Flash Gordon' Reboot Wouldn't Work

Let's sit down and talk about this one out Hollywood.
By: Jordan Smith | Apr 23, 2014
Faking It

Why You Should Watch MTV’s ‘Faking It’

Two girls are exploring their sexuality on TV and it's funny.
By: Molly Freeman | Apr 23, 2014
Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, James Franco, Seth Rogen

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly vs. James Franco and Seth Rogen: Which Friendship Do You Prefer?

Both pairs of friends have new projects in the works, but which are you more excited to see back in action?
By: Brendon McCullin | Apr 23, 2014
Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black

Life Lessons from TV Moms: Sarah Manning from 'Orphan Black'

What we've learned from the newest member of the Clone Club
By: Molly Freeman | Apr 23, 2014
It's A Small World Ride

Disney's 'It's a Small World' Movie Should Be a Horror Film

The ride has been traumatizing tourists for 50 years now.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 23, 2014
Kim Kardashian

5 Misconceptions About Kim Kardashian

You may think you're an expert on Kim K, but you might have it all wrong.
By: Shannon Houston | Apr 23, 2014
Jessica Chastain, The Help

We Need to Stop Making Marilyn Monroe Movies

Jessica Chastian is the latest actress to play the star in the upcoming film 'Blonde.'
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 23, 2014