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Fan Bingbing, X-Men Days of Future Past

We Need More Asian Superheroes Like Fan Bingbing's Blink

The 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' star is hopefully the beginning of a trend.
By: Rosie Narasaki | Apr 22, 2014
Jackie Brown, Pam Grier

Why Is 'Jackie Brown' Overlooked When It's Better Than 'Pulp Fiction'?

Actually, 'Jackie Brown' is Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece.
By: Jon Lisi | Apr 22, 2014
Fantastic Four, Man of Steel

Is 'Fantastic Four' Making the Same Mistake as 'Man of Steel'?

Josh Trank's reboot might be going too dour.
By: Jordan Smith | Apr 22, 2014
Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman

Picking Sides in the Roberto Orci Vs. Alex Kurtzman Split

The producing/writing pair are looking to pursue independent projects.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 22, 2014
John Turturro, Fading Gigolo

Which John Turturro Is the Best John Turturro?

The actor is the latest Coen Brother regular to make the jump to TV.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 22, 2014
Leonardo Dicaprio, The Aviator

Ranking All Of Leonardo DiCaprio's Biopics

Can Leo convincingly wear a black turtleneck?
By: Jordan Smith | Apr 22, 2014
Tatooine, Star Wars

Ranking the Planets of the 'Star Wars' Universe

From Tatooine to Dagobah, we're ranking all of the planets in the 'Star Wars' films.
By: Jordan Smith | Apr 22, 2014
Sean Bean, Game of Thrones

The 5 Stages of Grief for a 'Game of Thrones' Death

You've heard of the five stages of grief. These are a little different.
By: Molly Freeman | Apr 22, 2014
Edward Norton, Fight Club

Surprising Movie Easter Eggs and More Highlights

This week's hottest news from our favorite sites.
By: Loretta Donelan | Apr 22, 2014
Neighbors, Zac Efron and Seth Rogen

Zac Efron vs. Seth Rogen: Which Bro Would You Rather Hang With?

The 'Neighbors' costars represent opposite ends of dude-ness.
By: Brendon McCullin | Apr 22, 2014
Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, Catch Me If You Can

What Is the Spielbergiest Spielberg Movie?

Will the director's new film be even more "Spielbergy" than 'War Horse'?
By: Jordan Smith | Apr 21, 2014
Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart

Will Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart's Buddy Cop Comedy Have a Straight Man?

Neither one really says "good cop" to us.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 21, 2014
Stephen Colbert and Rush Limbaugh

CBS and Stephen Colbert Should Pay Attention to Rush Limbaugh

The conservative talker firing off should concern the Eye.
By: Brendon McCullin | Apr 21, 2014