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Leonardo Dicaprio, Inception

Are the Oscars Changing the Way They Look at Action Films?

Leonardo DiCaprio will star in the gritty thriller 'The Revenant'.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 15, 2014
Kandi Burruss

Who Is the Trashiest Real Housewife of Atlanta?

We rate the ladies on bad behavior.
By: Christian Cintron | Apr 15, 2014
Josh Charles, The Good Wife

Does TV Need to Stop Killing People Off (and Bringing Them Back from the Dead)?

The thin line between TV drama and soap opera.
By: Shannon Houston | Apr 15, 2014
Obvious Child, Jenny Slate

Will 'Obvious Child' Show Us Jenny Slate's Star Power?

The Sundance hit might launch her career.
By: Jordan Smith | Apr 15, 2014
Spring Breakers

The 15 Most Decadent Films and More Highlights

This week's hottest news from our favorite sites.
By: Loretta Donelan | Apr 15, 2014
Gone Girl

How Will the 'Gone Girl' Movie Tell Both Sides of the Book's Story?

The trailer hints at some new methods for the tale.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 15, 2014
Jake Gyllenhaal

People Are Furious About Jake Gyllenhaal's Latest Project

Can we accept celebrities as intellectuals?
By: Shannon Houston | Apr 15, 2014
Kirsten Dunst, Upside Down

Do Actresses Have to Be Feminists?

Kirsten Dunst caught heat for her views, but is that okay?
By: Brendon McCullin | Apr 15, 2014
Lindsay Lohan, 2 Broke Girls

Discussing Lindsay Lohan's Performance on '2 Broke Girls'

LiLo guest stars on the CBS comedy as a bride who can't keep a straight thought.
By: Mike Cervantes | Apr 15, 2014
Charles Barkley, Space Jam

The Most Awesomely Bad Performances By Athletes

They may be All-Stars, but it doesn't mean they can act.
By: Brendon McCullin | Apr 14, 2014