10 Pop Culture Moments Of 2012 That Would Have Been Better Naked — GALLERY

James BondGo ahead and giggle (we sure did) but our favorite app of 2012 was Nüdifier. With a simple photo upload, your best buds and favorite celebrities went from fully clothed to shamelessly pixelated in just a matter of seconds. No, they’re not technically nude, but the visual of blurred out naughty bits is infinitely more entertaining (and slightly less creepy) anyway.

While 2012 had plenty of onscreen nudity, there was still plenty of entertainment that went unjustifiably un-nudified. With the help of our funny friends over at Nüdifier, we picked some pop culture moments that would have looked better naked. Or, at least, gave the illusion of being naked. From Daniel Craig in Skyfall (because, of course), to the already pants-free Girls star Lena Dunham on the red carpet, to the U.S. men’s swimming team at this year’s summer Olympics (because, of course). Check out delightfully SFW gallery:

10 Pop Culture Moments From 2012 That Would Have Been Better Naked

[Photo credit: Columbia Pictures]