12 Reasons Rebel Wilson Should Be Your Spirit Animal

Pitch Perfect 2 is coming and all we can think about is how Rebel Wilson is amazing. She is everything that we want to be, and because of that she is our spirit animal, and should be yours too!

1. She has the confidence of a Victoria Secret model.


2. Her jewelry game is on point.


3. She knows how to drop a good pun.

Brownstone Productions (III)/Giphy

4. Her trash talking is amazing.

Brownstone Productions (III)/Giphy

5. She’s unapologetic for liking good food.

Gary Sanchez Productions/Giphy

6. She gave us nerdy girls a new excuse for why we don’t go clubbing.

Warner Bros. Television/Giphy

7. She isn’t afraid to get down.


8. She understands our love for Tom Hardy.

20th Century Fox /Giphy

9. She is reinventing exercise for us lazy gals.

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10. She is very strong.

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11. At the end of the day she gets her man!

5th Year Productions/Giphy

12. We could watch her rap all day.