12 Worst Beards Ever Caught on Film

It happens to the best of us. A long weekend of staying in, avoiding friends and family, catching up on Breaking Bad… you’re bound to skip a few rounds of shaving. But when your average logical human being does take on one of these shameful, unkempt chin-side companions, there is a simple maxim to which he (or, less frequently, she) knows to adhere: Do not get caught on camera.

Somehow, this rule has not gotten to the celebrity population, as many a film and television star has been captured onscreen with a beard that he’d have been better off keeping in the shadows. The newest member of this troupe is Adam Levine, whose facial addition (courtesy of his role in Can a Song Save Your Life?) seems to literally be making it harder and harder to breathe. Check out this gallery of stars whose goatees, Van Dykes, chinstraps, Starburns, and Swansons could cause fatal damage to their careers, as well as the eyes of the human population.

12 Worst Beards Ever Caught on Film

Adam Levine

[Photo Credit: Splash News]


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