18 Things Mary-Kate And Ashley Taught Us In All Of Their 30 Wise Years



Our favorite set of twins, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, turned 30 today. Throughout their years, the movie stars-turned-fashionistas have taught us a thing or two about life. Whether we took lesosns from the heartwarming story lines on Full House or the twin’s real life struggles and successes behind the made for TV movies, Mary-Kate and Ashley are icons who taught every ’90s girl about sisterhood, fashion and friendship.

1. Having a sister is like having a built-in best friend

From being child stars to fashion mavens, Mary-Kate & Ashley have always been right by each other’s sides. Who needs other friends when you’ve got a genetic bestie since birth (and in the Olsen’s case — even slightly before birth!)

2. How to achieve the perfect pout in pictures


Can you say prune? The Olsen twins taught us that the best way to have a perfect, red carpet-ready pout is by simply whispering the word “prune.” The “p” sound purses your lips, and the “une” relaxes your facial muscles for a natural — never forced — look.

2. Bandannas are an underrated fashion accessory

Mary Kate & Ashley Bandanna Accessory
ABC Family

MK & A know bandannas are a versatile fashion staple that everyone should wear. Can you say instant fix to a bad hair day or replacement bikini top for when you decide to go swimming on a whim with some hot guys?

3. If a cute French boy wants to take you on a moped ride, always say yes

mary kate and ashley moped passport to paris
Warner Bros.

If you find yourself in a foreign country and a cute, moped-riding boy offers you a personal tour of the city, you just have take it. Trust Mary-Kate and Ashley; it totally won’t end up like Hostel or Taken. Probably.

4. Never underestimate the style power of sunglasses with colored lenses

billboard dad
Warner Bros.

So ’90s and early ’00s, but so cool. Extra points if your bestie has the same pair in a different color.

5. The importance of a strategically placed hair clip

mary kate and ashley hair

MK & A were the literal queens of the strategically placed hair clip. Remember all of the cool, flippy things the twins used to do with their hair? Girls could pull off a butterfly clip, but anyone who’s tried it at home knows this was such a hard skill to master.

6. Your family is always there for you

Whether it was the loving, sweet moments we saw in Full House or the way we saw Ashley support Mary-Kate during her difficult battle with an eating disorder, the Olsen twins proved that family is there with you through thick and thin. 

7. McDonald’s french fries are always there for you

In Passport To Paris we learned that McDonald’s french fries are delicious and the same in every country. We already totally knew about the delicious part.

8. Family vacations are just a fun excuse to find a summer fling

Admit it: Holiday In The Sun totally made you think that once you were a teenager, family vacations would be one, long awesome adventure with a cute boy. Unfortunately, it was mostly just Mom and Dad yelling about the travel itinerary in a cramped hotel room, but we can dream, can’t we?

9. Some kids actually get their own room on a family vacation

Some kids, somewhere. Just not here.

10. Sometimes , you have to call people out


Even as a small child, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Full House character Michelle Tanner was one little ball of sass. She wasn’t afraid to call anyone out. We only hope to have a fraction of the guts that Michelle has.

11. Travelling around the world is as quick and painless as a 60-second travel montage

Whether they were hitting up the tropics in Holiday In The Sun, flying to Paris in Passport To Paris or jet-setting around the world in Our Lips Are Sealed, MK&A rarely had a snafu when travelling. Of course, it’s hard to have issues when your flight is a 60-second montage of a plane flying across a screen. We still have hope that travel will be this easy, one day.

12. Matching with your bestie is seriously underrated

mary kate ashley matching
Warner Bros.

Mary-Kate and Ashley seriously rocked the matching twin thing. Even when they aren’t totally matching, their outfits are always coordinated well.

13. What true love feels like

love quote
Warner Bros.

It was said so beautifully in It Takes Two. True love is that 

14. It’s okay to lose sometimes

In Winning London, the girls taught us that winning isn’t everything. This heartfelt quote is so true it hurts: “You know, sometimes, you win one thing and lose another.” Life is a series of wins and losses — you just keep on going.

15. All you need to cure heartbreak is a little shopping montage

Seriously, shopping and fashion montages cure everything. Bonus if you’re shopping for a cute spaghetti strap dress.

16. Don’t be afraid to try something new if you’re not happy in your career

The twins showed us that you should never be afraid to try something new if you’re not happy where you are (even if you’re successful). The pair wanted out of the spotlight and retired from acting in 2013. They decided to try their hand at fashion instead and launched their own fashion line. Since then, they’ve graced the pages of Vogue and are, in general, killing it. 

17. When in doubt, wear spaghetti straps

lips are sealed
Warner Bros.

Seriously, MK & A rocked the living daylight out of spaghetti straps and proved that there’s a perfect spaghetti strap outfit for every occasion (except maybe the snow).

18. Boys are just boys — there are plenty of fish in the sea


At the end of the day, you will move on from heartbreak. If someone doesn’t like you, then that’s their problem. Don’t ever let a boy stress you out — it’s not worth it. There are so many more important things like your friends, french fries and saving the world.

Thank you, Mary-Kate and Ashley for teaching us everything we know!