2012 Vice Presidential Debate: Did Joe Biden or Paul Ryan Win?


Eight days, one ill-advised Big Bird ad, and many Red Bulls after President Obama and Mitt Romney participated in the first (sleepy) debate of the election season, Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan met in front of moderator Martha Raddatz to face-off on foreign policy and domestic issues Thursday night. And, thankfully for the viewing and tweeting public, the second effort of the season was far more interesting, and full of far fewer interruptions. (Unless you count our interrupting the telecast to enjoy the new Laughing Joe Biden Twitter handle. Oh, Internet. How we take, and you continue to give.)

But though audiences might have walked away with the win thanks to an entertaining face-off, which vice presidential candidate walked away victorious? Vote below in our poll and chat about the debate happenings below in the comments!

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/6602223/”>Who won the 2012 vice presidential debate?</a>

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