24 Cool (and Ghoulish) Celebrity Halloween Costumes — GALLERY

Celeb Halloween CostumesWhat’s better than silently smirking at your friends’ Halloween costumes? Openly judging the outrageous outfits the celebs dared to wear this weekend! While some hit it out of the cemetery with their creative costumes, others looked like they just rolled out of their coffins and threw on whatever was lying around. (Yes, we’re looking at your Paris Hilton. Couldn’t you have at least ordered a less generic Alice in Wonderland costume??)

So who is tricking us with a blast from the past and who’s treating us with not one but two curve-hugging creations? Grab some candy corn and take off those rose-colored glasses because we’ve got all the good, the bad, the cute, and the downright ugly celebrity Halloween costumes.

We’ve snagged the best A-list Twitpics and stuffed them into a pillowcase gallery for you to enjoy—so check it out, below!

24 Cool and Ghoulish Celebrity Halloween Costumes!

[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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