6 Hilarious Times Miley Cyrus Contradicted Herself

Whether you’re a Miley Cyrus fan or not, it’s no secret that the pop-star most famous for twerking on Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards isn’t exactly known for being consistent. Even her loyal Smilers expect Miley’s complete shift in ideals every once in a while. Whether it’s switching up her stance on drugs, or her at-first denied love of Jay-Z, here are six hilarious times Miley Cyrus contradicted herself.

1. That time she swore, “drugs are for idiots” and she’d never be that person.

We Know Memes

We all know how this one ends…

2. That time she promised she’d never smoke, because it’d be like “smashing my guitar and expecting it to play.”


And she’d “never do that to her voice…” 

3. That time she said, “Sex does sell, but you have to do it another way than just showing your tits.”


Then proceeded to exclusively… well, flaunt her tatas.

4. That time she deleted her Twitter. (And rapped about it.)

Then, you know, inevitably reactivated it.

5. That time she pretended to not know who Harry Styles was…


… Despite having posted a picture hanging out with a cardboard cut-out of him just months prior.

6. Also, let us never forget when she said she had, “never heard a Jay-Z song” and doesn’t “listen to pop music.” 


And then she tweeted about wanting to be as cool as Beyonce and Mr. Carter.

Oh Miley, what are we going to do with you? Tell us what you guys think about Ms. Cyrus’ constant contradictions in the comments below.