5 Things We Can Blame on Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

rebecca blackIt’s been exactly one year now since Rebecca Black’s seemingly cheesy “Friday” music video was uploaded onto YouTube for all to see. And people went crazy over it. Whether you loved it or hated it, the song became a major topic of conversation and interest. So much so that it was even named YouTube’s most watched video of 2011. Instead those awful (yet catchy) lyrics have wormed their way into our thoughts and shower tunes — and the world has never been the same since. In more than one way actually. In honor of the song’s one year anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of side effects that have resulted since the song’s inception. Think of it as a domino effect, of sorts. Who knew the trouble one single could cause in the span of only 365 days.

Resentment Toward The World’s Favorite Day of the Week

I think I can speak for almost everyone when I say that Fridays will never be viewed in the same way again. I mean, sure they still over the general appeal of it being the weekend, but that song is going to be forever associated with that day of the week now. Every time someone says Friday to me, I immediately have the lyrics “Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday” go off in my head. Every…single…time. Maybe some of you aren’t under the same curse as me, but I’m sure plenty of people are, so much so that it’s completely altered our sense of joy normally linked with this particular day. A tragedy if there ever was one.

Black’s Awkward Cameo in Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ Music Video

Thanks to her first single’s overwhelming success on the interwebs, Katy Perry thought it would be totally appropriate to have Black make a cameo in her music video for “Last Friday Night (TGIF),” which was also about Fridays. Great idea, right? Well, maybe if Perry’s version of Friday night fun didn’t consist of threesomes, sex with strangers, and excessive amounts of alcohol. However, it included all of those things with an innocent 13-year-old girl in the thick of it. Yup, it was all kinds of awkward and something I could have definitely done without.

Bullies Force Black Out of School

As the song’s growing popularity increased, so did the ridicule which was aimed mostly in Black’s direction. Kids began targeting her in school and bullying her for all the fame and attention “Friday” had caused. In fact, it got so bad that she had to withdraw from school completely and enroll in a homeschooling program. Black opened up about the issue to ABC’s Nightline last year, saying, “When I walk by they’ll start singing ‘Friday’ in a really nasally voice. Or you know, they’ll be like, ‘Oh hey Rebecca, guess what day it is?'” Not exactly the greatest confidence builder in the world — and all this just because she likes to voice her excitement about Fridays!

Two More Equally Cheesy Singles

One mildly cheesy song I can handle, but when one bad single prompts someone to come out with two more equally ridiculous singles, I break. And that’s exactly what Black did. Her first single after “Friday,” “My Moment,” revolved around Black telling all her haters to leave her alone because the “Friday” video actually made her a success, so deal with it and move on. Indeed, a sure-fire way to increase one’s fan base…by telling them to get over themselves. Then Black released a follow-up single “Person of Interest,” where she manages to make falling in love look about as appealing as having the “sex talk” with your parents. These songs were just all sorts of awful all the way around, but are STILL catchy enough to get stuck in my head. Why!? Let’s stop the madness, people.

Parodies That Are Worse Than the Original

It’s not enough for people to verbally mock the original “Friday.” No, creative types out there need to visually make fun of the single by parodying it. It’s not exactly the best way to be spending one’s time, because if you thought Black’s version was bad, some of these parodies are much worse. If you don’t believe me, by all means, see one for yourself: