50 Cent Denies Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend

Credit: Splash News

Rapper 50 Cent (née Curtis Jackson) denies that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend (who also told police she had a three-year relationship with the musician that resulted in a child), the AP reports.  

The woman, who remains unnamed, told police that during a June 23 argument, 50 Cent (Cent? 50? Jackson? What’s the protocal here?) destroyed property in her Los Angeles condo until she locked herself in her bedroom. 50 Cent then allegedly kicked open the door, harming the woman in the process. Police estimate the damage done to the woman’s home is worth $7,100.

In papers filed Monday, 50 Cent was charged with domestic violence and four counts of vandalism. According to the AP (via The Huffington Post), he faces up to five years in jail and $46,000 in fines if convicted. 50 Cent’s attorney told the AP (via USA Today) that there’s no warrant outstanding on the domestic violence and vandalism charges he faces. 

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