50 Cent: My Bulletproof ‘Obama’ SUV Saved My Life

50 centRapper 50 Cent has already survived multiple gunshot wounds. So choosing the “Bulletproof Package” when buying a new car makes perfect sense. 

Now, it seems that his indestructible car has saved his life — not from a glock shot, but from a Mack Truck. 
On Tuesday, June 26, 50 was rushed to the hospital his car collided with a big rig in NYC. He was treated for minor injuries and was reportedly “doing fine.” 
Today, he broke his silence, speaking about the accident for the first time with MTV News. “We were just riding down the LIE and a Mack Truck — he said he lost control of the vehicle later to police officers because his load shifted,” 50 explained. 
“He tried to brake, his load shifted, and he lost control and he ran into the back of the truck. It did more damage to the Mack Truck than it did to my truck, ’cause I got a level six; it’s a bulletproof vehicle. It’s the same standard as what they’re moving Obama around in.” 

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