7 Funny Photos from Berlin Fashion Week That Rival Zoolander 

Fashion Week is upon us around the world. In fact, as we speak, fashion designers and supermodels have converged in Germany for Berlin Fashion Week. And if you think the Milan and Paris haute couture shows get wild, you haven’t seen anything yet.  

Guten Tag. Welcome to Das Fashion Circus. (Is That Brüno?)Funny pic fashion week berlin

Much of what was shown on the runway at the women’s shows was beautiful and decidedly not crazy. But it was the men who really turned it out. Derek Zoolander, beware. The fine cashmere glove has been slapped and you’ve been challenged to a walk-off. 

Funny photo Zoolander supermodel 

There were guys in clown makeup, a live falcon, a dirt catwalk, and enough “smizing” to fill three cycles of America’s Next Top Model. Just take a look at some of the strange, amazing, funny images to come out of the first part of the week. 

Just Moments After Being Kicked Out of Insane Clown Posse 

Funny image male model Germany

Hey, Is That Lena Dunham’s Mesh Shirt?

Funny photo fashion Berlin

Maggie Gyllenhaal on the Bottom, Jake Gyllenhaal on the Top

Funny photo fashion runway

Who Said Print Was Dead?

Strange photo fashion suits

Styled By Christina Aguilera and David Gest?

Funny photo fashion throne

It’s True, These Models Really Do Eat Like Birds!

Fashion Show Funny Pic

[Photos: Wenn]


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