One Step Closer to a Bartlet White House Reality: "Big Block of Cheese Day" is Happening

Big Block of Cheese Day
By: Sage Young Jan 29, 2014
"Is it 'Total Crackpot Day' again?" President Bartlet's Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman was never a huge fan of "Big Block of Cheese Day," but his real life...

Weekly Highlights: Hot Guys With Puppies and More

Channing Tatum, Vanity Fair
By: Loretta Donelan Jan 28, 2014
Here are this week's highlights from VH1, Celebuzz, Flavorwire, and Hollywood.com. The Doctor has a new look. It's pretty rare for Doctor Who to change the...

Celebs React to Justin Bieber's DUI: Twitter Roundup

Justin Bieber
By: Rishbha Bhagi Jan 27, 2014
It seems as though the inevitable backlash has begun to take reign over Justin Bieber's career. The brothel-hopping, egg-throwing, and ruckus-causing may not have...

Why I Laughed Until I Cried At Jay Leno's '60 Minutes' Interview

Jay Leno on 60 Minutes
By: Michael Griffin Jan 27, 2014
Jay Leno was on the January 26 airing of 60 Minutes and during his interview, he expressed bitterness about the fact that he was leaving The Tonight Show for the...

Bryan Cranston Is Going To Take Broadway By Storm

Bryan Cranston, LBJ, All The Way Broadway
By: Michael Griffin Jan 26, 2014
Bryan Cranston is going to be appearing on Broadway for the first time ever in his career - he'll be playing President Lyndon Baines Johnson in All the Way - and I...

Weekly Highlights: 'Glee' Gets Scandalous and More

Demi Moore, Glee
By: Loretta Donelan Jan 24, 2014
Here are this week's highlights from VH1, Celebuzz, Flavorwire, and Hollywood.com. See the biggest award show wardrobe mistakes of all time. They really make you...

Mentally Preparing for Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show

Lindsay Lohan
By: Shannon Houston Jan 24, 2014
There's nothing you can do about it — Lindsay Lohan's reality show/docu-series on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network is on its way. Seriously. We're lucky that Conan...