Anna Nicole Smith Tried to Name Sterile Man as Baby's Father

Be Cool Premiere: Anna Nicole Smith
By: WENN.com Nov 08, 2006
Reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith tried to persuade a sterile man to put his name on her newborn baby's birth certificate, according to a sworn affidavit. In...

Shanna Moakler Upset with Paris Hilton for Dating Her Men

Shanna Moakler
By: WENN.com Nov 08, 2006
Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler has revealed why she's so sore that her estranged husband appears to be dating Paris Hilton--it's the second time the socialite has...

Hilary Duff 'Stalker' Pleads 'Not Guilty'

Hilary Duff
By: WENN.com Nov 08, 2006
The 18-year-old Russian immigrant accused of threatening to kill singer-turned-actress Hilary Duff has pleaded not guilty to stalking charges. Maksim Miakovsky...

Lindsay Lohan 'Will End Up Like Diana'

Lindsay Lohan
By: WENN.com Nov 08, 2006
Singer/actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly fears she "will end up like Princess Diana" following a car crash in Los Angeles last night. The Mean Girls star was...

Jason Lewis & Rosario Dawson Split a Year After Moving in Together?

Sin City Premiere: Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis
By: WENN.com Nov 07, 2006
One of Hollywood's most beautiful couples, Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis, has reportedly split. The actress was overheard telling a friend about the break-up...

Britney Spears' Libel Lawsuit Dismissed

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Premiere: Britney Spears
By: WENN.com Nov 07, 2006
Pop star Britney Spears saw her libel challenge against a magazine dismissed yesterday when a judge ruled a report about her sex tape wasn't defamatory. The...

Snoop Dogg Booked on Weapons Charge

Snoop Dogg
By: WENN.com Nov 07, 2006
Snoop Dogg was booked on Monday on one felony count possession of a deadly weapon filed after security officers at an Orange County, California, airport found a...