Police Pick Up Naomi Campbell for Breach of the Peace at 3 a.m.

By: WENN.com Jul 21, 2006
Supermodel Naomi Campbell was arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning after reportedly screaming at her ex-boyfriend Badr Jafar outside his London home...

Daniel Baldwin Faces Charges

By: WENN.com Jul 21, 2006
LATEST: Police are considering charging actor Daniel Baldwin with reckless driving after he crashed at high speed into two parked cars. Cops observed the...

Sean Bean and Girlfriend in Hotel Fight Drama

Sean Bean at the The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring premiere
By: WENN.com Jul 21, 2006
British actor Sean Bean and his girlfriend Georgina Sutcliffe reportedly had an alcohol-fueled fight at a luxury California hotel that left both bleeding...

Haley Joel Osment Recovering from Car Crash

Haley Joel Osment
By: WENN.com Jul 20, 2006
LATEST: The Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment is recovering in a California hospital after suffering from a fracture to his right rib, right shoulder and...

Kate Hudson Wins 'Eating Disorder' Libel Case

Kate Hudson
By: WENN.com Jul 20, 2006
Kate Hudson has won a massive payout from the British edition of the National Enquirer after the publication falsely accused the naturally thin actress of having...

Paris Hilton Denies Lindsay Lohan Blackberry Hacking

Paris Hilton
By: WENN.com Jul 20, 2006
Paris Hilton has hit out at reports she hacked into Lindsay Lohan's BlackBerry and sent offensive messages to her friends from it. The blonde socialite, who...

Nicole Richie 'Faints' During Shopping Trip

Nicole Richie
By: WENN.com Jul 20, 2006
Socialite Nicole Richie reportedly fainted during a shopping trip on Saturday. The Simple Life reality TV star, 24, was browsing through the clothes at Los...