A History of Ugly Outfits from the Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Olympics bad outfitsOne of the great joys of watching the Olympics is seeing gorgeous athletes with toned bodies strip down to a tiny piece of cloth like a Speedo or some other skin-tight contraption. The problem, of course, is when each athlete’s country tries to cover up the Olympians when they all march into the stadium during the opening ceremonies. The often-embarrassing duds end up looking like a combination between a national costume at the Miss Universe pageant and an Olympic-inspired fashion shoot in Vogue

So when has it gone awry? Click below to see some of the most stunningly awful Olympic outfits that we’ve endured over the years, including this year’s Spanish travesty (see sprint canoer Saúl Craviotto, right). No, Espana, we would not like fries with that.


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