Aaron Kroger


Camera, Film, & Tape (16)

The Vatican Tapes 2015 (Movie)

Engineering(Outpost) (Camera)

We Are Your Friends 2015 (Movie)

Supervisor(Outpost) (Camera)

Cake 2014 (Movie)

Supervisor(Outpost) (Camera)

Good People 2014 (Movie)

Outpost Engineer(Outpost® - A Light Iron Service) (Dailies)

Oculus 2014 (Movie)

Engineer(Outpost) (Camera)

Space Warriors 2014 (Movie)

Outpost Engineer (Camera)

Walk of Shame 2014 (Movie)

Engineering(Outpost - A Light Iron Service) (Camera)

42 2013 (Movie)

Engineer(Outpost, Light Iron) (Film Lab)

Dark Skies 2013 (Movie)

Engineering(Outpost) (Film Lab)

Snitch 2013 (Movie)

Engineer(Outpost) (Dailies)

Texas Chainsaw 3D 2013 (Movie)

Engineer(Outpost - A Light Iron Service) (Dailies)

The Lords of Salem 2013 (Movie)

Outpost® Engineering (Film Lab)

Gone 2012 (Movie)

Engineering(Outpost® - A Light Iron Service) (Film Lab)

Hitchcock 2012 (Movie)

Engineer(Outpost) (Film Lab)

Underworld: Awakening 2012 (Movie)

Outpost® Engineering(Outpost® - A Light Iron Service) (Film Lab)

The Muppets 2011 (Movie)

Outpost Engineer(Light Iron) (Film Lab)