Accidental and Actual Racists Respond to ‘Accidental Racist’

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You know what needs more excuses? Racism and bigotry, which are obviously the first two things that came to your mind when asked that question. And you wouldn’t be alone in your thought process: just ask Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. Their new song, “Accidental Racist” (yes, you read that right), is currently causing a maelstrom of hatred across most media outlets. But with every scathing blog post about the misguided song comes a completley earnest tweet of support from one of Paisley’s proud fans.

“Accidental Racist” is an ode to the intentional ignorance that many of this country’s compatriots hold dear: just because someone is proud of the South and also the Confederate Flag doesn’t make them racist. (Sure, and the people most commonly associated with the swastika are merely Sanskrit enthusiasts.) Appreciating something — like, say, where you come from, your history, etc. — doesn’t make you a bad person. But considering Paisley’s song disregards empathy, is totally insensitive to history, and shirks responsibility for the serious harm our own country caused an entire race of people, in this case it sure as s**t makes you one ignorant, priviledged, insensitive motherf**ker.

Call it tough love — whether you’re a Black Yankee or a white man living in the Southland (even though, Paisley, being from West Virginia means you would’ve been a part of the Union, not the Confederate), misguided isn’t a good look on anyone. Which is why it’s so infuriating to still see these sort of ideas being bandied about as acceptable in 2013.

So if you’re feeling like a nice long afternoon of hair-pulling and general hatred of society is just what the doctor ordered, then saddle right up to this here post and check out this sampling of just some of the people who are totally unaware that Paisley and LL’s “accidental” racism is actually just regular racism disguised as cultural misunderstanding. Hashtag equality, y’all. Oh yeah, some of the language may be NSFW.

The Accidental Racist Who Believes Hate Should Be Universal:

The Actual Racists Who Are Totally Mad You Stole Their Thunder, Brad:


The Accidental Racists Who Like it In Spite of Themselves:

The Somebody Finally Gets It! Accidental Racists:

The Accidental Racists with Refined Tastes:

The Deniers:

Ignorance may be bliss, but it can’t be an excuse for everything. Especially not s**tty music.

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