Kanye West Appeared in ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ to Put Their Feud to Rest… Or to Just Be Hostile and Awkward

“preparing” for tonight’s Kanye appearance on Kimmel, which could be disastrous (or just completely professional)BBC Radio One

After a public spat between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel, the music artist visited the Jimmy Kimmel Live! set last night to clear the air. West showed up in a sweatshirt and ripped pants, looking every bit the uninterested rap star. As Kimmel attempted to breeze through the interview with humor and grace, West just refused to do the same. Instead, he mumbled one worded answers, then took out his soapbox to promote, what else, himself. 

From the beginning, the interview went anything but smoothly. Kimmel tried hard to get West invested in the conversation, and tried to humor him, but that didn’t exactly go well. For the first half of the interview, West looked like a sulky teenager, and only answered questions in very condescending ways. For instance, when Kimmel asserted in good humor that the Twitter feud was not a publicity stunt, West indignantly replied that he has never done a publicity stunt in his life (insert awkward silence). He then wetn off on how Kim Kardashian should have a star on the Walk of Fame (wait, what?), and how he feels like a zoo animal when being photographed. West concluded the first segment with the statement, “You’re either gonna love me or hate me, but I’m gonna be me.” Well, just to be clear, we’re kind of hating you at the moment, Kanye.

After the commercial break, Josh Groban performed a skit in which he sang all the best Kanye tweets, and West even cracked a smile and managed to not go off the rails (so far so good!). Kimmel then gifted West with a small pair of leather jogging pants for baby North West… which is hilarious, because this feud basically started because Kimmel didn’t understand the concept of leather jogging pants (oh, and neither do we). Anyway, West then took over the interview to go on a five-minute spiel about his fashion buys, how involved he is in the fashion world, and how he is a “creative genius” (seriously). West also posed the question, “Who do you know who is more known for clothes than me?” The answer: so many people. I know so many people who are known more for their clothing than you, Kanye.

He finally put the interview to rest by saying that people like Da Vinci and Jesus are his heroes and that he wants to make that kind of impact on the world. Got that? Kanye wants to make the same type of impact as Jesus. We’re not even sure how to respond to that one. Check out the clips and judge for yourself.