Aspiring Actor Spent $5,000 to Look Like Ryan Gosling

Let’s face it, there’s only one Ryan Gosling. No other man has the same rugged scruff, irresistibly intriguing eyes, and chiseled jawline of a God. But aspiring actor Nicholas Ryan refused to accept this truism and instead spent a fortune on cosmetic procedures meant to mold him into a Ryan Gosling replica. 

Ryan (Nicholas, not Gosling) hoped a two-hour procedure that cost a whopping $5,000 and included Botox and filler injections (video is below) would transform him into The Notebook hunk, therein launching his acting career… and also launch him into bed with more ladies. The dude turned out looking pretty damn handsome — but does he look like the dreamy Gosling? Eh, not quite.

Despite not exactly mimicing Gosling’s sultry facial structure, Ryan is enthusiastic about the results. In an interview with Daily Mail the wannabe actor said, “I went to a pool party this week, like we do here in L.A., and this girl came up to me and she said, ‘ You have a very Ryan Gosling look to you.’ I couldn’t believe it! After all the stuff I had gone through, it was amazing.” 

Surgeon Tim Neavin, who performed Ryan’s plastic surgery, said that Ryan is one of many who bring photos of Gosling for inspiration. Watch below to check out the transformation process.

Nicholas, you could spend all the money you want on trying to look like Gosling, but, I’m sorry to break it to you, without his charming personality, his ab-gasmic bod, and the way “Hey, Girl” sexily rolls off his tongue, you’ll never be The Ryan Gosling. 

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