Actress Hawk won Couples Retreat part after sticky audition

The little-known star showed up for the test chewing gum in an effort to channel the trashy young character she was hoping to portray in the movie – and when that didn’t impress co-star Vince Vaughn and director Peter Billingsley, she spat the gum out and sat on it.

She recalls, “I was a little bit nervous but I tried to be cool, which did not work. I was chewing gum to get into the character and Vince said, ‘Can you take it out and put it on the desk behind you,’ which was Peter Billingsley’s desk.

“I took the gum out and I go about my scene, I stand up and take all the stuff off of Peter Billingsley’s desk and pencils go flying everywhere and I’ve got something dangling from the bottom of my outfit.

“I’m finishing the scene and I’m trying not to stop and I see the legal pad where I put the gum is now dangling by the top sheet which is stuck to my butt! I try to reach forward and rip it off and everyone is just dead silent. Then everyone starts laughing and Vince goes, ‘No, it was great that you just kept going. Thank you.’

“I left and I cried. I’m in the parking lot crying my eyes out with gum on my bootie. An hour later they called and gave me the job. I didn’t expect to actually sit in it but now I will always sit in gum for every audition!”