Adam Levine Joins P. Diddy & Justin Bieber in the Fragrance Game

Adam LevineIt might be a little Harder to Breathe now that a new celebrity fragrance is clouding the air—Adam Levine’s. The Maroon 5 front man, The Voice coach (arguably the best one), and spokesman for ADHD awareness is launching a new fragrance, 222 (the same name as his new record label).

Levine will be joining the revered community of male celebrities who have kicked off their own scents.

The music industry has quite a colognial bunch. Rappers P. Diddy and 50 Cent have both backed fragrances, among them Diddy’s Unforgivable and 50 Cent’s Power. R&B singer Usher created Usher for Men, while Justin Bieber—perhaps the youngest celeb to back a fragrance line—came out with Someday.

There are a few actors in the business too: Antonio Banderas has a hefty sum of fragrances to his name, while Bruce Willis got in the game about two years back with his eponymous scent line.

But among the actors and singers (you know, “sensitive types”) who get in the game of aromatics, there is also a pretty noteworthy member of the athletics community: Derek Jeter, who got behind an original scent labeled Driven.

Levine’s 222 will launch in May 2013 (it takes a long time to make water smell good).

Source: Just Jared