Adele Loses All Chill When A Bat Flies Into The Stadium She’s Playing In Mexico

Adele, Adele Adkins
Splash News

Adele isn’t a fan of flying rodents — and she made sure to let the crowd of her Mexico City show know it.

While performing in Mexico City, Mexico, Adele noticed that a bat had flown into the stadium and crashed her show. She seemed a little bit afraid, but we don’t really blame her! If that thing flew near our heads we’d be freaking out.

Adele was trying to say how happy she was to be playing in Mexico when she noticed that among the 25,000 people in her audience was an extra special guest.

“There’s a bat!” she yelled. “There’s a bat there and it landed by your head! It landed right by your head! Oh my God, it’s a f**king bat. Welcome to Mexico. It’s true, I’m happy to be here, but a f**king bat, Jesus Christ!”

We’re not sure who has less chill about the situation. The bat who decided to crash the show or Adele.

Check out the video of her hilarious reaction below.

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