Adrian Paul

Actor, Choreographer, Director
A heroic leading man who has vaulted to international stardom as the star of the syndicated TV series "The Highlander" (1992-98), the darkly handsome Adrian Paul has been able to use his background as a dancer and ... Read more »
Born: 05/28/1959 in London, England, GB


Actor (37)

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A heroic leading man who has vaulted to international stardom as the star of the syndicated TV series "The Highlander" (1992-98), the darkly handsome Adrian Paul has been able to use his background as a dancer and choreographer in the role of Duncan MacLeod, a 16th Century Scottish warrior battling evil in the modern world. A native of London, Paul played semi-pro soccer and modeled throughout Europe before returning to native city where he worked as a choreographer and dancer for six years. Aptly, his first real notice came when he was cast as a dancer/actor in the London musical "The Break". Following the success of the show, Paul decided to head to Hollywood, where from 1986-1987 he played Nikolai 'Kolya' Rostov, a temperamental Russian dancer on the "Dynasty" spin-off "The Colbys" (ABC). Despite the specific nature of the role, he avoided typecasting. In 1988, he played a photographer in Vietnam in "Shooter" (NBC). Paul moved into the realm of action hero playing John Kincaid, a former soldier battling aliens, on the syndicated series "War of the Worlds" (1989-1990). After playing the interviewer of Santa Claus in the frothy "In the Nick of Time" (NBC, 1991), he lent his romantic presence to the period primetime remake of the cult soap opera "Dark Shadows" (NBC, 1991). In some ways, that role was a warm-up for what has become his signature portrayal, "The Highlander".


Meilani Paul

appeared as "Uh-Huh Girl" in Ray Charles' TV commercial for Diet Pepsi married in 1990 divorced in 1997



Cast as a vampire cop who teams with a human detective to solve a murder in "The Breed"; aired on Starz! in lieu of a theatrical release


Executive produced and starred in the syndicated series "Tracker"


Reprised signature role of Duncan MacLeod in the feature film "Highlander: Endgame"


Starred in feature "Dead Men Can't Dance"


Began directing episodes of "The Highlander"


Appeared as Jeremiah Collins in several episodes of NBC's "Dark Shadows"


Co-starred in French film "La Nuit au serail"


Made TV-movie debut in "Shooter" (NBC)


Made feature film debut in "Last Rites"


Stage acting debut in "Bouncers"


Played Russian dancer on "The Colbys" (ABC)


Signed with the Ford modeling agency; moved to NYC

Was regular on syndicated series "War of the Worlds"

Played semi-pro soccer and worked as model

Worked as choreographer in London

First won notice as actor when cast as dancer in musical "The Break"

Starred as "The Highlander" (syndicated)

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"The show's success is not just about me, it's about whether the rest of the acting is good and the set decoration is good and everything else. That's how I look at it. If it is a good show, I am proud of it not only because I did good work but everybody else did too." --Adrian Paul in The Hollywood Reporter, December 3, 1996.


"Dancing opens my imagination, which helps my acting tremendously. When I choreograph my own shows, I not only work out the dancer's moves, but also the lighting, music, staging, the feel and the style of the production." --Adrian Paul


"... As you get older, you learn a lot more and understand things more. It's like the old adage: 'I wish I knew what I know now back then, and had the body I had back then so I could enjoy it.' The 30s are pretty cool -- you're still able to do everything, but you're a little smarter than you were in your 20s -- or hopefully. That's the idea." --Adrian Paul quoted in USA Weekend, December 9, 2001.