Aidan Flynn


Visual Effects & Animation (6)

Clifford's Really Big Movie 2004 (Movie)

(Character Design)

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 2004 (Movie)

Clean-Up Crew (Animator)

The Wild Thornberrys Movie 2002 (Movie)

Clean-Up Animation (Animator)

Treasure Planet 2002 (Movie)

Breakdown(John Silver) (Clean-Up Animation) (Inbetweener)

The Beautician and the Beast 1997 (Movie)

Key Clean-Up (Animator)

The Pebble and the Penguin 1995 (Movie)

character clean-up artist (Animator)
Other (3)

Atlantis: the Lost Empire 2001 (Movie)

breakdown(Milo/clean-up animation) (Other)

Mulan 1998 (Movie)

breakdown(additional clean-up animation) (Other)

Hercules 1997 (Movie)

breakdown(Meg/clean-up animation) (Other)