Akira Takarada

Born: 04/29/1934


Actor (10)

Glory to the Filmmaker! 2007 (Movie)


Minbo - or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion 1994 (Movie)

Kobayashi (Actor)

A-Ge-Man 1990 (Movie)


The Legend of Plumeria 1984 (Movie)

Tatsuro Hayasaka (Actor)

Daughters, Wives and a Mother 1978 (Movie)


Monster Zero 1969 (Movie)

Fuji (Actor)

Godzilla Versus The Sea Monster 1965 (Movie)


Chushingura 1963 (Movie)

Gunpei Takada (Actor)

Godzilla 1956 (Movie)

Ogata (Actor)

Half Human 1956 (Movie)

Ijima (Actor)


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