Al Gore Now a Vegan — What Trend Will He Follow Next?

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Former Vice President and Presidental candidate Al Gore has become a vegan in hopes of lessening his enviornmental impact. But as an added bonus, he’s joining dozens of fad-diet obsessives who will be sure to tag him in all of their sanctimonious before and after Facebook photos. So now that Gore has begun his quest to hip-dom, what other new outlets will he explore as he sheds his dull, out of touch veneer?

Joining Tumblr: A web presence is a requirement for any public figure. Maybe this is evidence that Gore is mounting a comeback. Besides, how else will he find “35 Vegan Recipes That Will Make All of Your Friends Jealous”?

Yoga: Nothing helps keep a political mind sharp then time to relax in Downward Facing Dog. But for the liberal politican there will be no shopping at Lululemon, with their Randian coporate philosophy.

Sharing Upworthy Articles: Of course the former Vice President wants to inform the public on important issues, like “This 5-Year-Old Knows More About Immigration Policy Than Washington Does.” 

Going Gluten-free: As his part to fight against GMOs, Gore will give up mass-produced wheat products and replace them all with organic quinoa. 

Crossfit: No better way to clean up the enviornment than by getting strong enough to move all of those tires and ropes that are surely cluttering the landscape. 

Green Juice: After suffering at the hands of the two party system for so long, maybe Gore will finally show his support for the alternate Green Party through his healthy beverage.  

Selfies: After all these diet changes, Gore will probably lose some weight, and even though he claims he doesn’t care about vanity, he’ll want to show off his new physique in plenty of soft lighting and artfully angled photos. 

Becoming a Buzzfeed Contributer: No political reason behind this. He just loves GIFs!