Al Hill

Born: 07/14/1892


Actor (70)

Three Ring Circus 1954 (Movie)


Money From Home 1953 (Movie)


The Band Wagon 1953 (Movie)

Shooting Gallery Operator (Actor)

The Clown 1952 (Movie)

Dice Player (Actor)

Brute Force 1947 (Movie)

Plonski (Actor)

The Bank Dick 1939 (Movie)

Filthy McNasty (Actor)

Ten Cents a Dance 1930 (Movie)


Little Caesar 1929 (Movie)

Waiter (Actor)

Alibi 1928 (Movie)

Brown (Actor)

After Midnight With Boston Blackie (Movie)

Sammy Walsh (Actor)

Call of the Prairie (Movie)

Slade (Actor)

Crack-Up (Movie)

Gambler (Actor)

Crash Donovan (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

Dr. Socrates (Movie)


Each Dawn I Die (Movie)

Johnny the Hood (Actor)

Fury at Furnace Creek (Movie)


G-Men (Movie)

Hood (Actor)

Gambling Ship (Movie)

Fingers (Actor)

Government Girl (Movie)


Hollywood Cowboy (Movie)

Camby (Actor)

Honeymoon in Bali (Movie)

Cab Driver (Actor)

Honky Tonk (Movie)

Miner (Actor)

Honolulu Lu (Movie)

Detective (Actor)

I Cover the Waterfront (Movie)

Sailor (Actor)

I Stole a Million (Movie)

Guard (Actor)

Island of Doomed Men (Movie)

Clinton (Actor)

It Happened in Brooklyn (Movie)

Driver (Actor)

Kansas City Confidential (Movie)

Shooter (Actor)

Lady Killer (Movie)

Casino Cashier (Actor)

Lost Angel (Movie)

Mug (Actor)

Lucky Partners (Movie)

Motor Cop (Actor)

Magnificent Doll (Movie)

Man (Actor)

Man's World (Movie)

Eddie Bartlett (Actor)

Men with Wings (Movie)

Mail Driver (Actor)

Night After Night (Movie)

Blainey (Actor)

Nocturne (Movie)

Policeman (Actor)

One Year Later (Movie)


Our Hearts Were Growing Up (Movie)

Louie (Actor)

Pick-Up (Movie)

Johnson the Reporter (Actor)

Private Jones (Movie)

Howard (Actor)

Rationing (Movie)

Greenie (Actor)

Shine On, Harvest Moon (Movie)

Captain of Waiters (Actor)

Slightly French (Movie)

Brazilian barker (Actor)

Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman (Movie)

Man (Actor)

South Sea Woman (Movie)


Take the Stand (Movie)


The Big Noise (Movie)

Slug Batterson (Actor)

The Death Kiss (Movie)

Assistant Director (Actor)

The Doorway to Hell (Movie)

Gangster (Actor)

The Face Behind the Mask (Movie)

Horton (Actor)

The Glass Key (Movie)

Bum (Actor)

The Kid from Kokomo (Movie)

Lippy (Actor)

The Killers (Movie)

Customer (Actor)

The Last Gangster (Movie)

Convict (Actor)

The Monster and the Girl (Movie)

Bruhl's Chauffeur (Actor)

The Pay Off (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

The Racketeer (Movie)

Squid (Actor)

The Ruling Voice (Movie)

Hood (Actor)

The Sky's the Limit (Movie)

Sergeant (Actor)

The Sniper (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

The Stranger Wore a Gun (Movie)


The Widow from Chicago (Movie)

Johnston's Henchman (Actor)

To Please a Lady (Movie)

Steward (Actor)

Top Speed (Movie)

Briggs (Actor)

Two Yanks in Trinidad (Movie)


Unholy Partners (Movie)

Rector (Actor)

Whistling in the Dark (Movie)


Whole Town's Talking (Movie)

Gangster (Actor)

Winter Carnival (Movie)


Ziegfeld Girl (Movie)

Truck Driver (Actor)