Al Roker’s Sharting Confession Gets the Autotune Treatment Because This is The Internet

Al_RokerWell, the Internet exists for a lot of reasons. First of all, it makes life infinitely easier for everybody. It’s a great invention. And duh… it’s really cool. But it’s also here to make sure you don’t forget about certain events for a long time. So if you’re one of those people — ahem, everyone — who was absolutely horrified upon hearing Al Roker‘s sharting confession, sorry ’bout that. This 15 minutes is stretching on a bit longer.

After the Today show anchor went on Dateline to share his TMI tale of pooping his pants — at the White House, no less — we were all anxiously awaiting the next scandalous piece of news to forever bleach our brains of this awful, awful image. TOO BAD.

Because the Internet exists, and the Internet does what it pleases, we now have an autotuned version of Roker’s confession. Check it out below:

Is it bad if we think it’s kind of catchy? Damn you, autotune, for making even the grossest thing ever an earworm! 

[Photo Credit: WENN]

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