Al St John

Born: 09/10/1893 in Santa Ana, California, USA


Actor (48)

The Drifter 1943 (Movie)


His Private Secretary 1932 (Movie)

Tom - Garage Owner (Actor)

Riders of Destiny 1932 (Movie)


A Face in the Fog (Movie)

Elmer (Actor)

A Lawman Is Born (Movie)

Root (Actor)

Aloha (Movie)


Along the Sundown Trail (Movie)

Lawyer Crandall (Actor)

Arizona Terrors (Movie)

Hardtack (Actor)

Bar 20 Rides Again (Movie)

Cinco (Actor)

Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

Billy the Kid's Gun Justice (Movie)


Billy the Kid's Range War (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

Blazing Frontier (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

Dead Men Walk (Movie)


Death Rides the Plains (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

Frontier Outlaws (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

Frontier Scout (Movie)

Whiney (Actor)

Fuzzy Settles Down (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

Gunsmoke Trail (Movie)


Hopalong Cassidy Returns (Movie)

Luke (Actor)

Law of the Saddle (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

Marked Men (Movie)

Gimpy (Actor)

Melody of the Plains (Movie)


Murder on the Yukon (Movie)

Bill (Actor)

My Son, the Hero (Movie)

Night clerk (Actor)

Oath of Vengeance (Movie)


Oklahoma Terror (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

Overland Stagecoach (Movie)


Painted Post (Movie)


Public Stenographer (Movie)

Country Hick (Actor)

Riders of the Desert (Movie)


Saturday's Heroes (Movie)

Andy Jones (Actor)

Shadows of Death (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

Sing, Cowboy, Sing (Movie)

Duke Evans (Actor)

Smoking Guns (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

Stagecoach Outlaws (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

The Dance of Life (Movie)

Bozo (Actor)

The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

The Lone Rider Fights Back (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (Movie)

Uncle Billy (Actor)

Thundering Gun Slingers (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

Trail Dust (Movie)

Al (Actor)

Trigger Pals (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

Valley of the Sun (Movie)


Wanderer of the Wasteland (Movie)


Wild Horse Phantom (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)

Wild Horse Rustlers (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

Wolves of the Range (Movie)

Fuzzy Jones (Actor)


Roscoe Arbuckle


Flo-Belle Moore

survived him