Alain Levy


Sound (12)

JCVD 2008 (Movie)

Post-Synchronization(France and Belgium) (Post-Production Sound)

The Horseman on the Roof 1996 (Movie)

(Boom Operator)

Daddy Nostalgia 1991 (Movie)

(Sound Effects)

La Femme Nikita 1991 (Movie)

sound effects editor assistant (Sound Effects Editor)

La Gloire de mon pere 1991 (Movie)

(Sound Effects)

My Mother's Castle 1991 (Movie)

(Sound Effects)

L' Union sacree 1989 (Movie)

(Sound Effects)

La Revolution Francaise 1989 (Movie)

(Sound Effects)

Genesis 1988 (Movie)

sound effects assistant (Sound Effects)

The Big Blue 1988 (Movie)

atmosphere sound (Sound)

Captive 1987 (Movie)

special sound effects (Sound Effects)

Life Is Rosy 1987 (Movie)

(Sound Effects)
Production Management (1)

Le Roi des bricoleurs 1976 (Movie)

(Assistant Director)
Other (3)

Eddie 1996 (Movie)

(Special Thanks)

Mr. Holland's Opus 1995 (Movie)

(Special Thanks)

The Air Up There 1994 (Movie)