Alan Allinger


Art Department (1)

Team America: World Police 2004 (Movie)

Models and Scenery (Scenery)
Other (12)

Lone Star 2010 (Tv Show)

Construction Coordinator

Love Ranch 2010 (Movie)

Construction General Foreman (Construction Foreman)

Clockstoppers 2002 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

The Cider House Rules 1999 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Face/Off 1997 (Movie)

general foreperson (Other)

The Ghost and the Darkness 1996 (Movie)

construction foreperson (Construction Foreman)

Casino 1995 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Interview With the Vampire 1994 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Natural Born Killers 1994 (Movie)

general foreman (Other)

Heaven and Earth 1993 (Movie)

general foreman(Thailand) (Other)

Hexed 1993 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Square Dance 1987 (Movie)