Alan Ladd

Actor, Grip, Lifeguard
A stoic, masculine icon despite his diminutive frame, Alan Ladd became an overnight star by playing Raven, a sensitive hit man, in "This Gun for Hire" (1942). His soft-spoken strength set him apart from his less subtle ... Read more »
Born: 09/03/1913 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA


Actor (63)

George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey 1985 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The Carpetbaggers 1963 (Movie)

Nevada Smith (Actor)

13 West Street 1962 (Movie)

Walt Sherill (Actor)

The General Electric Theater 1952 - 1962 (TV Show)


Duel of Champions 1961 (Movie)

Horatio (Actor)

All the Young Men 1960 (Movie)

Kincaid (Actor)

Guns of the Timberland 1960 (Movie)

Jim Hadley (Actor)

One Foot in Hell 1960 (Movie)

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The Badlanders 1958 (Movie)

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A Cry in the Night 1956 (Movie)

Narration (Narrator)

Santiago 1956 (Movie)

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The Big Land 1956 (Movie)

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Hell on Frisco Bay 1955 (Movie)

Steve Rollins (Actor)

The McConnell Story 1955 (Movie)

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Drum Beat 1954 (Movie)

Johnny MacKay (Actor)

Hell Below Zero 1954 (Movie)

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Saskatchewan 1954 (Movie)

Sergeant O'Rourke (Actor)

The Black Knight 1954 (Movie)

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Botany Bay 1953 (Movie)

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Desert Legion 1953 (Movie)

Paul Laurtel (Actor)

Shane 1953 (Movie)

Shane (Actor)

The Red Beret 1952 (Movie)

Canada (Actor)

Appointment With Danger 1951 (Movie)

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Captain Carey, U.S.A. 1950 (Movie)


Variety Girl 1947 (Movie)


O.S.S. 1946 (Movie)

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The Blue Dahlia 1946 (Movie)

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Duffy's Tavern 1945 (Movie)

Alan Ladd (Actor)

China 1942 (Movie)

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Joan of Paris 1941 (Movie)

Baby (Actor)

Star Spangled Rhythm 1941 (Movie)

Alan Ladd- Scarface Skit (Actor)

This Gun For Hire 1941 (Movie)

Philip Raven (Actor)

The Black Cat 1940 (Movie)

Richard Hartley (Actor)

Brother Rat and a Baby 1939 (Movie)


The Howards of Virginia 1939 (Movie)


The Goldwyn Follies 1937 (Movie)

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Saigon (Movie)

Maj. Larry Briggs (Actor)

The Glass Key (Movie)

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The Iron Mistress (Movie)

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The Light of Western Stars (Movie)

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The Reluctant Dragon (Movie)

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British Soldier (Actor)

Tom Brown of Culver (Movie)


Two Years Before the Mast (Movie)

Charles Stewart (Actor)

Whispering Smith (Movie)

Luke "Whispering" Smith (Actor)
Producer (1)

Island of Lost Women 1958 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)


A stoic, masculine icon despite his diminutive frame, Alan Ladd became an overnight star by playing Raven, a sensitive hit man, in "This Gun for Hire" (1942). His soft-spoken strength set him apart from his less subtle peers, instantly endearing him to audiences who admired his new brand of onscreen masculinity. During the 1940s, Ladd one of the era's top box office draws for many years. Frequently cast opposite Veronica Lake, he scored with the noir smashes "The Glass Key" (1942) and "The Blue Dahlia" (1946), in the adventure "Two Years before the Mast" (1946), and in the adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" (1949). His most iconic role came as the mysterious former gunslinger "Shane" (1953), considered to be one of the all-time greatest Westerns of all time. Ladd continued his streak of playing tough guys with films like "Hell below Zero" (1954) and "All the Young Men" (1960) opposite Sidney Poitier, and ended his career with a supporting turn in "The Carpetbaggers" (1964). After a lifetime of struggling with personal demons and a tumultuous childhood, the actor attempted suicide in 1962; on Jan. 29, 1964, he was found dead of an accidental drug overdose. His children, most notably film executive Alan Ladd, Jr., continued the family business. Although he rarely received the critical acclaim of many of his noir-era peers, Alan Ladd became one of the most popular movie stars of all time - a magnetic, unique performer who left a lasting mark on Hollywood in more ways than one.


James Beavers


Alana Sue Ladd Jackson

born April 21, 1943 mother, Sue Carol

Carol Lee Ladd Veitch


Sue Carol Actor

Married 1942 until his death 1964

Sue Carol

born on October 30, 1903 was Ladd's agent before she became his second wife married from March 15, 1942 to his death

Marjorie Harrold

married in October 1936 mother of Alan Ladd Jr. divorced

Alan Ladd

died c. 1918

Jordan Ladd Actor

Daughter of David Ladd and Cheryl Ladd

Ina Ladd

emigrated from England to the USA committed suicide c. 1938

Alan Ladd

born on October 22, 1937 mother, Marjorie Jane Ladd married to Patricia Beazley

David Ladd

born 1947 mother Sue Carol divorced from Cheryl Jean Stopplemoor Ladd of "Charlie's Angels" fame


Bard Dramatic School

enrolled after working as a studio grip at Warner Bros.

North Hollywood High School

Hollywood , California
was swimming and track star



Last film, "The Carpetbaggers"


Formed production concern, Alan Ladd Enterprises; first feature credit starring Ladd, "Drum Beat", co-produced with Jaguar Productions and Warner Brothers


Played most memorable film role in "Shane"


Association with Paramount ended (date approximate)


Made annual exhibitors poll of top ten boxoffice stars two years in a row, placing fourth and sixth


Last of four co-starring vehicles opposite Veronica Lake, "Saigon"


Received medical discharge from the Air Corps


Achieved star status in "This Gun for Hire"; first teaming with Veronica Lake


Worked exclusively for Paramount under long term contract


Signed by film actress turned agent Sue Carol


Made film debut in a bit part, "Once in a Lifetime"

Moved with family to North Hollywood at age seven

Worked as a grip at Warner Bros. For two years

After working as lifeguard, gas station attendant and hotdog vendor, became bit player in films, radio and local theatrical productions

Joined a small group of actors that Universal planned to turn into movie stars; group disbanded after two weeks

Briefly worked for the "San Fernanado Valley Sun-Record"