Alana D


Music (10)

The Purge: Election Year 2016 (Movie)

("Party In The U.S.A.") (Song Performer)

The Nut Job 2014 (Movie)

("N.E.V.E.R") (Song Performer)

Planes 2013 (Movie)

("You Don't Stop - NYC") (Song Performer)

The Cold Light of Day 2012 (Movie)

("Nobody But You") (Song Performer)

Footloose 2011 (Movie)

"Dancing In Dee's Sheets" (Song Performer)

Going the Distance 2010 (Movie)

("Close Call") (Song Performer)

Miss March 2009 (Movie)

("I Touch Myself") (Song Performer)

Sorority Row 2009 (Movie)

("Break It Down") (Song Performer)

Make it Happen 2007 (Movie)

("Break It Down") (Song Performer)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 (Movie)

("Girl From Ipanema") (Song Performer)