Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski’s Rivarly Gets Fired Up

There are few things that can see multiple iterations over months and months and still be completely adorable, compelling and downright irresistable, and this series of New Era commercials with Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski is certainly one of them. In case you missed it, they’ve been playing out their fierce Yankees versus Red Sox rivalry in series of black and white commericials for baseball gear company New Era and each installment has been completely delightful and hilarious. Then again, you could put these two in onesies and have them scream unintelligibly at eachother and I’d watch it with googly eyes and stupid grin.

This time around, their rivalry is escalating and something is going up in flames. It’s pretty fantastic, but I maintain that nothing beats the one that adds an adorable dog to the already irresistable Baldwin-Krasinski combo.