Alec Baldwin Writes Apology to ’30 Rock’

Alec BaldwinAfter making the folks at NBC none too happy with his comments about 30 Rock ending its run once he leaves the show in 2012, Alec Baldwin is making amends. Well, sort of. He posted a very brief apology in the form of a blog on The Huffington Post. While it certainly is an apology for jumping the gun and telling a crowdful of artsy folks and apparently one New York Magazine reporter that 30 Rock would be over after season 6, it kind of reads like an apology from a 10 year old being dragged to the neighbor’s house and being forced to say sorry to the kid whose face he threw dirt in. You can practically see some NBC exec standing behind him, gripping his shoulder like an angry dad and growling, “Now son, apologize to your neighbor.”

In addition to waxing hyperbolic by saying Kenneth could run the network or Tracy could become mayor of New York City when the show continues, he adds, “Here’s to five more seasons.” That’s quite a change of tune. Look, Baldwin’s not exactly the type of guy to take all this hullabaloo seriously. He said something off the cuff at a gala and a media shit storm began, so he’s answering it just as ridiculously as it started. I’m sure he’s hoping we all pick up his story shouting, “OHEMGEE Alec Baldwin wants 30 Rock to continue forever!” Guys, he’s probably just answering our previous panic with the same fervor. He just means he’s sorry (but not really), okay?

Source: HuffPo