Alexander Skarsgard Tells Regis & Kelly: ‘Let’s Get Naked!’

Any honest True Blood fan will tell you that you don’t watch the show because of the interesting plot or the southern charm scenery—you watch it to see the pretty people get naked. Especially if that pretty person is the hunky vampire, Alexander Skarsgard. The hottie vamp made a guest appearance on Regis & Kelly this morning and things got a little fresh and frisky as the interview progressed. 

The morning talk show hosts Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa commented on people on the HBO show tend to lose their clothes a lot (duh, that’s why it’s TV, it’s HBO). When Ripa asked if Skarsgard ever got nervous about shedding his clothes for the camera, the Swedish actor cleverly replied, “I’m from Sweden…we don’t wear clothes in Sweden. Can’t you tell how uncomfortable I am [with clothes on]?” To the audiences delight he began to chant, “Let’s get naked! Let’s get naked.”  No one in the crowd seemed to object, even the hosts seemed up for it. Kelly excitedly said, “I’ll hold your jacket if you want,” while Regis chimed in, “I’ll hold your pants!” 

Sadly, no clothes ended up coming off, but that’s why we watch the show.  Check out the interview below:

Source: E Online