Alexandra Stewart

Actor, Model
International lead and supporting player who entered films in Paris after a short spell as a model.
Born: 06/10/1939 in Montreal, Quebec, CA


Actor (62)

The Duchess of Warsaw 2015 (Movie)


Merry Christmas 2013 (Movie)

Maya Dawn Lewis (Actor)

No Quality for Heroes 2007 (Movie)


Mon Petit Doigt M'a Dit 2005 (Movie)


Under the Sand 2001 (Movie)

Amanda (Actor)

Une journee d'Andrei Arsenevitch 2001 (Movie)

(English version) (Narrator)

Fifi Martingale 2000 (Movie)

The Ambassador's Wife (Actor)

Highlander: The Series 1992 - 1998 (TV Show)


The Son of Gascogne 1998 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Seven Servants 1996 (Movie)

Hilda (Actor)

L' Eau a la bouche 1991 (Movie)

Fifine (Actor)

Monsieur 1990 (Movie)

Madame Dubois-Lacour (Actor)

Frantic 1988 (Movie)

Edie (Actor)

Welcome to Germany 1987 (Movie)

Mrs Cornfield (Actor)

Sins 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)


Under the Cherry Moon 1986 (Movie)

Mrs Sharon (Actor)

Le Matou 1984 (Movie)

Madmoseille Lydie (Actor)

Les Uns et les autres 1984 (Movie)


Peau d'Ange 1984 (Movie)

Helena Werner (Actor)

Kusameikyu 1983 (Movie)

English Narration (Actor)

The Blood of Others 1983 (Movie)

Madeleine (Actor)

Charlots Connection 1982 (Movie)


Femmes 1982 (Movie)


Le Bon Plaisir 1982 (Movie)

Julie (Actor)

Aiutami a sognare 1981 (Movie)

Magda (Actor)

Chanel Solitaire 1981 (Movie)


Phobia 1981 (Movie)

Barbara Grey (Actor)

Sans Soleil 1981 (Movie)

English Narration (Actor)

Agency 1980 (Movie)

Mimi Oliveri (Actor)

Final Assignment 1980 (Movie)

Sam O'Donnell (Actor)

Madame Claude 2 1980 (Movie)

Madame Claude (Actor)

In Praise of Older Women 1979 (Movie)

Paula (Actor)

Le Soleil en face 1978 (Movie)

Sandra (Actor)

Goodbye Emmanuelle 1977 (Movie)

Dorothee (Actor)

La Petite fille en velours bleu 1977 (Movie)

Theo (Actor)

Julie pot de colle 1976 (Movie)

Delphine (Actor)

The Uncanny 1976 (Movie)

Joan Blake (Actor)

Black Moon 1975 (Movie)

The Sister (Actor)

Day For Night 1973 (Movie)

Stacey (Actor)

The Destructors 1973 (Movie)

Rita (Actor)

Niet voor de poesen 1972 (Movie)

Feodora (Actor)

Far From Dallas 1971 (Movie)

Wife (Actor)

Les Soleils De L'ile De Paques 1971 (Movie)

Alexandra (Actor)

Ou est passe Tom? 1970 (Movie)

Alexandra (Actor)

Kemek 1969 (Movie)

Marisa (Actor)

The Man Who Had Power Over Women 1969 (Movie)

Frances (Actor)

Valparaiso, Valparaiso! 1969 (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Waiting For Caroline 1969 (Movie)

Carolina (Actor)

Zeppelin 1969 (Movie)

Stephanie (Actor)

Obsessions 1968 (Movie)

Marina (Actor)

Only When I Larf 1968 (Movie)

Liz (Actor)

The Bride Wore Black 1968 (Movie)

Madamoiselle Becker (Actor)

Maroc 7 1966 (Movie)

Michele Craig (Actor)

Mickey One 1965 (Movie)

Jenny (Actor)

Dragees au Poivre 1963 (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

RoGoPag 1962 (Movie)

Alexandra (Actor)

The Fire Within 1962 (Movie)

Solange (Actor)

Exodus 1960 (Movie)

Jordana Ben Canaan (Actor)

Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960 (Movie)


Champagne Charlie (TV Show)


Mistral's Daughter (TV Show)

Casting (1)


International lead and supporting player who entered films in Paris after a short spell as a model.


Justine Malle

born c. 1974 father Louis Mallewas not married to Stewart


Ecole du Louvre




US film acting debut, "Exodus"


Film acting debut, "Le Bel Age"

Went to Paris at 17, worked as photograpic model, appearing on cover of "Elle" and in Christian Dior commercial