Alice Faye

Actor, Singer
Many young girls dreamt of success on Broadway, but Alice Faye not only attained it, she eclipsed that triumph by also becoming a beloved star of the silver screen. Through a combination of talent, timing and good luck ... Read more »
Born: 05/05/1915 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (38)

Carmen Miranda: The South American Way 1996 - 1997 (TV Show)


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Darryl F. Zanuck: 20th Century Filmmaker 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)


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The 61st Annual Academy Awards Presentation 1988 - 1989 (TV Show)


Happy Birthday, Hollywood! 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


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State Fair 1962 (Movie)

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Hello, Frisco, Hello 1942 (Movie)

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Music (2)

The Magic of Lassie 1977 (Movie)

("A Rose Is Not a Rose") (Song Performer)

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 1974 (Movie)

Song Performer from the film "Hello, Frisco, Hello"("You'll Never Know") (Song Performer)


Many young girls dreamt of success on Broadway, but Alice Faye not only attained it, she eclipsed that triumph by also becoming a beloved star of the silver screen. Through a combination of talent, timing and good luck, Faye was able to launch her stage career while still a teenager, demonstrating considerable ability as both a dancer and a singer. She was soon signed to a long-term contract with 20th Century Fox and became a star virtually right out of the gate with her performance in "George White's Scandals" (1934). Parts of similar stature followed in over 30 Fox films, including perennial favorites like "In Old Chicago" (1938), "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (1938), "Rose of Washington Square" (1939), "Lillian Russell" (1940), "Hello, Frisco, Hello," and "The Gang's All Here" (both 1943). Most of these showcased her skills as a first-rate musical star, but she was also occasionally given the chance to impress viewers as a dramatic performer in headier fare. When her tenure with Fox ended, Faye enjoyed a long and successful run on radio with husband Phil Harris and settled into a retirement that would be periodically interrupted by trips back to the big screen and even Broadway almost 40 years after she last trod the boards there. In addition to becoming the most popular star of musicals in the world for a period of time, Alice Faye was also one of the only movie stars to walk away from the business while at the height of her popularity.


Alice Leppert


older also changed his last name to Faye

Phil Harris

married on May 12, 1941 remarried on September 20, 1941 died in July 1995

Charles Leppert

of Irish ancestry

Bill Leppert


Tony Martin Actor

Married Sept. 4, 1937 Divorced 1940

Tony Martin

married on Septemeber 4, 1937 divorced in 1940

Phyllis Middleton

born on April 26, 1944 father, Phil Harris

Alice Regan

born on May 19, 1942 father, Phil Harris

Rudy Vallee Actor

Faye was named in divorce proceedings initiated by Rudy Vallee's wife in 1935


P S 84

New York, New York
quit school at age 13 after completing eighth grade to pursue show business career



Became spokesperson for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, advising "young elders" on how to live a healthy life


Made another comeback in several films, including "Every Girl Should Have One" and "The Magic of Lassie"


Toured in "Good News" with another former co-star, Don Ameche


Appeared on stage in revival of "Good News" with former co-star John Payne


Returned to film acting in "State Fair"


Last starring role in the drama "Fallen Angel"; quit the studio over dissatisfaction with the film's final cut which seemed to favor co-star Linda Darnell


Introduced the Oscar-winning song "You'll Never Know" in "Hello, Frisco, Hello"


Last musical vehicle, "The Gang's All Here"


Forced to drop out of "Down Argentine Way" due to apendicitis


Made motion pictures exhibitor's poll of top ten boxoffice stars two years in a row


After creation of 20th Century-Fox, given new contract at a salary of $2000 per week


Put under contract at William Fox Studio; Fox attempted to turn her into a rival to Jean Harlow


Film debut, "George White's Scandals" with Rudy Vallee


Made NBC network radio debut on Rudy Vallee's Fleischmann Hour program


Injured in an automobile accident and hospitalized


Broadway debut in dancing chorus of "George White's Scandals of 1931"


Heard singing at a party by Rudy Vallee and hired to tour as a singer with his orchestra (date approximate)


Professional debut as dancer in chorus line at Capitol Theater in New York after auditioning for dance director Chester Hale (date approximate)


Hired by the Ziegfeld Follies as a chorus girl; dropped when they discovered Faye was only 13 years old

Added three years to her age and began her career

Hosted radio program, "The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show" with husband

Toured the eastern circuit of Loews Theaters in New York area with Chester Hale's unit

Joined chorus of New York nightclub, the Hollywood Restaurant, and the chorus of the Palais D'Or floor show

Bonus Trivia


Miss Fay always insisted she was born in 1915 and not in 1912 which reference books listed, claiming she added the years at the start of her career because she was only 13 when she joined the Chester Hale vaudeville troupe but had to pretend to be 16.