Alison Skipworth

Born: 07/25/1863 in London, England, GB


Actor (25)

Satan Met a Lady 1935 (Movie)


The Gorgeous Hussy 1935 (Movie)

Mrs. Beall (Actor)

Becky Sharp 1934 (Movie)


The Devil Is a Woman 1934 (Movie)

Senora Perez (Actor)

Song of Songs 1932 (Movie)


Coming Out Party (Movie)

Miss Vanderdoe (Actor)

Devotion (Movie)

Mrs. Coggins (Actor)

Doubting Thomas (Movie)

Mrs. Pampinelli (Actor)

Du Barry, Woman of Passion (Movie)

La Gourdan (Actor)

Here Is My Heart (Movie)

Countess Rostova (Actor)

High Pressure (Movie)

Mrs. Miller (Actor)

If I Had a Million (Movie)

Emily (Katerina) La Rue (Actor)

King of the Newsboys (Movie)

Nora (Actor)

Madame Racketeer (Movie)

"Countess von Claudwig"/Martha Hicks (Actor)

Midnight Club (Movie)

Lady Barrett-Smythe (Actor)

Night After Night (Movie)

Mrs. Mabel Jellyman (Actor)

Outward Bound (Movie)

Mrs. Cliveden-Banks (Actor)

Raffles (Movie)

Kitty Melrose (Actor)

Sinners in the Sun (Movie)

Mrs. Blake (Actor)

Six of a Kind (Movie)

Mrs. "Duchess" K. Rumford (Actor)

Stolen Holiday (Movie)

Suzanne (Actor)

The Princess Comes Across (Movie)

Lady Gertrude Allwyn (Actor)

Tillie and Gus (Movie)

Tillie Winterbottom (Actor)

Tonight Is Ours (Movie)

Grand Duchess Emilie (Actor)

Wide Open Faces (Movie)

Auntie (Actor)