Allan Pineda

Born: in Philippines


Music (26)

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 2015 (Movie)

("I Gotta Feeling") (Song)

Strange Magic 2015 (Movie)

("I Gotta Feeling") (Song)

The Wedding Ringer 2015 (Movie)

("I Gotta Feeling") (Song)

The Hangover Part II 2011 (Movie)

("Imma Be") (Song)

What's Your Number? 2011 (Movie)

("Boom Boom Pow") (Song)

Knight and Day 2010 (Movie)

("Someday (Theme From Knight And Day)") (Song)

The Other Guys 2010 (Movie)

("Imma Be") (Song)

You Again 2010 (Movie)

("Pump It") (Song)

G-Force 2009 (Movie)

("I Gotta Feeling") (Song)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009 (Movie)

("Boom Boom Boom (DJ Ammo/Poet Named Life Megamix)") (Song)

Monsters vs. Aliens 2009 (Movie)

"Let's Get It Started" (Song)

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties 2006 (Movie)

("Pump It") (Song)

Little Man 2006 (Movie)

("Pump It") (Song)

Poseidon 2006 (Movie)

("Bailamos") (Song)

Take the Lead 2006 (Movie)

("Feel It") (Song)

Kicking & Screaming 2005 (Movie)

("Let's Get It Started") (Song)

Yours, Mine & Ours 2005 (Movie)

("Pump It") (Song)

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle 2004 (Movie)

("Let's Get Retarded") (Song)

Spanglish 2004 (Movie)

("Let's Get It Started") (Song)

White Chicks 2004 (Movie)

("Let's Get It Started") (Song)

Cheaper by the Dozen 2003 (Movie)

("Hands Up") (Song)

Legally Blonde 2001 (Movie)

("Magic") (Song)

Road Trip 2000 (Movie)

("Duet") (Song)

Scary Movie 2000 (Movie)

("I Want Cha") (Song)

Bulworth 1998 (Movie)

("Joints & Jam (contains 'Love Till the End of Time' and 'Grease')") (Song)

Very Bad Things 1998 (Movie)

("Karma") (Song)
Actor (1)

New Girl 2016 (Tv Show)