Holy CJ Cregg! Allison Janney Brought Back ‘The Jackal’ on ‘Arsenio’

For seven seasons, Allison Janney brought class and sassiness into The White House as Press Secretary CJ Cregg on The West Wing. One of her greatest hits was this lip-synch of Ronny Jordan’s “The Jackal,” which was written in to the show after Aaron Sorkin caught her performing it on set to entertain her castmates.

Janney recently returned to a severely underused Twitter account, and current White House Press Secretary Jay Carney welcomed her back with a request for a lesson in Jackal-ing. While she was promoting her new comedy Mom on Arsenio Tuesday night, the actress resurrected the act. Sadly, the audience didn’t seem to know what was going on. But West Wing fans were definitely in heaven.

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