Allyn Joslyn

Actor, Office boy
Born: 07/21/1901 in Milford, Pennsylvania, USA


Actor (37)

The Brothers O'Toole 1972 (Movie)


The Addams Family 1964 - 1966 (TV Show)


Kilroy 1964 - 1965 (TV Show)


Nightmare in the Sun 1964 (Movie)

Rock Club leader (Actor)

The Eve Arden Show 1957 - 1958 (TV Show)


Public Pigeon No. 1 1957 (Movie)

Harvey Baker (Actor)

The Fastest Gun Alive 1956 (Movie)

Harvey Maxwell (Actor)

You Can't Run Away From It 1956 (Movie)

Gordon (Actor)

I Love Melvin 1953 (Movie)

Pop Schneider (Actor)

Island in the Sky 1953 (Movie)

J H Handy (Actor)

The Jazz Singer 1953 (Movie)

George Miller (Actor)

As Young As You Feel 1950 (Movie)

George Hodges (Actor)

Harriet Craig 1950 (Movie)

Billy Birkmire (Actor)

Moonrise 1948 (Movie)

Sheriff Clem Otis (Actor)

The Thrill of Brazil 1946 (Movie)


Heaven Can Wait 1942 (Movie)


My Sister Eileen 1941 (Movie)

Chic Clark (Actor)

If I Had My Way 1939 (Movie)


Only Angels Have Wings 1939 (Movie)

Les Peters (Actor)

Expensive Husbands 1936 (Movie)

Joe Craig (Actor)

Bride by Mistake (Movie)

Phil Vernon (Actor)

Colonel Effingham's Raid (Movie)

Earl Hoats (Actor)

Dangerous Blondes (Movie)

Barry Craig (Actor)

I Wake Up Screaming (Movie)

Larry Evans (Actor)

If You Knew Susie (Movie)

Mike Garrett (Actor)

Junior Miss (Movie)

Harry Graves (Actor)

No Time for Comedy (Movie)

Morgan Carrel (Actor)

Spring Parade (Movie)

Count Zorndorf (Actor)

Strange Affair (Movie)

Bill Harrison (Actor)

Strange Confession (Movie)

Bouteau (Actor)

Sweethearts (Movie)

Dink Rogers (Actor)

The Affairs of Martha (Movie)

Joel Archer (Actor)

The Horn Blows at Midnight (Movie)

Osidro/Second trumpeter (Actor)

The Shining Hour (Movie)

Roger Franklin (Actor)

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (Movie)

Leander Woolsey (Actor)

The Wife Takes a Flyer (Movie)

Maj. Zellfritz (Actor)

Young Ideas (Movie)

Adam (Actor)


Orlando West Joslyn Jr


Gertrude Joslyn