Amanda Bynes Is Back In Court, This Time With a New Wig

Credit: INFphoto

Amanda Bynes is back in court and, if her clothes are any indication, she doesn’t give a s**t. Tuesday morning, Bynes showed up to the Manhattan Criminal Court in sweatpants, Jordans, a jersey of some sort, and a long blue wig (hey, at least she brushed this one). She faces charges of reckless endangerment after throwing a bong out her 36th-floor window.

We all miss the Amanda Bynes from the old days of All That and The Amanda Show —  and we know even the Bynes of yesteryear wouldn’t approve of this new behavior. None of us want to see her like this. Here’s to hoping she pulls herself together soon. Or at least invests in a suit for her next court appearance — heck, even Lindsay wore a suit or two

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