Amanda Bynes Models Wacky Outfit in New Bathroom Video

Credit: Twitter

Most people go into the restroom to have a moment of privacy, but not Amanda Bynes. She likes to use the powder room as her stage. Just two weeks after she posted a weird video of herself making faces in a bathroom mirror, Bynes has decided to again film herself in the restroom.

Bynes may not be rolling her eyes around and pursing her lips in this new video — but the fact that she taped herself in the bathroom again seems a bit questionable. (Not to mention, Bynes’ outfit choice seems to be a little off too — floral and camo don’t exactly match.)

Bynes has been pulling a lot of odd stunts like this lately. Besides this video and the last one, Bynes also seems obsessed with taking pictures of herself at the gym. And somehow, in between taking selfies, she has found time to shave half her head and threaten to sue the media for writing about her (like she hasn’t given us enough headline fodder). 

We’ve wondered before if Bynes is heading for a Britney Spears-like meltdown. Well, her behavior is not getting any saner, that much is clear.

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