Amanda Bynes Commits Huge Twitter Faux Pas in Calling the Obamas Ugly

Credit: GSNY/Splash News; Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images 

It’s hardly news for Amanda Bynes to call someone “ugly” on Twitter. From Drake to Miley Cyrus to Zac Efron, Bynes is seemingly not a fan of many of Hollywood’s most famous faces. And with America losing interest in her antics, it was only a matter of time before Bynes started picking on bigger names to garner more attention. So who’s bigger than Hollywood? The First Family, of course! On Monday, Bynes tweeted, “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” 

But really, the most upsetting thing about this isn’t the insult — which we don’t have to tell you is obviously ludicrous, like all the others — but the fact that Bynes is subtweeting her venom (tweeting about someone without the courtesy of an @mention). Again. The words themselves lose their credibility with each erroneous tweet, but Bynes should at least use proper Twitter ettiquette while hurling them.

While debates have been waged over whether tweeting a name without the Twitter handle (rather than a passive aggressive response) is really subtweeting, it’s clear that Bynes is committing a sneaky mom faux pas by not tweeting her insult directly @BarackObama or @FLOTUS. And, come to think of it, she never tweets at her on-again, off-again crush @Drake either. Which is really just rude. 

If you’re going to talk badly about people, have the decency to do it to their faces. Or to their accounts, or whatever. 

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