Amanda Bynes Learned Paparazzi Evasion Tactics From the Experts

 Amanda Bynes

The Amanda Bynes crazy train keeps on chugging along. Today in “Bynes acting bizarre” news: The former teen starlet spent her morning tweeting about she was “looking pudgy” (and how she broke a nail! Tragedy!) after a trip to McDonald’s for a snack.

But since she is a nationally recognized celebrity, she knew she would be spotted at the fast food joint faster than you can tweet “I want @drake to murder my vagina.” So naturally the only solution was to cover herself up not with a jacket or something else weather-appropriate, but something far more creative: a sheet.

No, we’re not joking:
Amanda Bynes

Bynes even took to her always-entertaining twitter to explain herself:

Okay, now that we know where she was heading, will we get an answer to the pressing question, “Why the sheet?!?” 

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We won’t get one from bizarre star herself, because it turns out this clever idea isn’t an original Bynes thought. Oh no, she learned her paparazzi evasion tactics from the legends who came before her. These experts are the best and brightest at hiding from pesky photogs underneath sheets, and they taught her everything she knows:

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Michael Jackson and son Blanket
Michael Jackson and Blanket


Points for the springy blue hue, though Madonna’s patterned cover-up is possibly the most fashion-forward of the bunch. Your turn: Who wore their paparazzi shielding-sheet best?

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