Amanda Bynes Gets 3 Years Probation for Plea Deal

Credit: Merino/INFphoto

It looks like Amanda Bynes won’t be posting a “selfie” of an orange jumpsuit just yet. The 27-year-old actress — who has been adoring her Twitter account with coutless pictures of herself in the bathroom or at the gym — has gotten a “get out of jail free” card. Bynes pled no contest to charges of driving on a suspended license, TMZ reports. In response, the court has given Bynes three years probation.

Bynes’ probation sentence means that she has to obey all laws. She was also told that she can’t drive without a valid license and insurance. In addition to this, Bynes must also pay a $300 fine. (Not bad for someone who claims to be as rich as the Olsen twins.)

Bynes was first charged with driving on a suspended license back in September when she was pulled over in Burbank, Calif. At the time, Bynes’ license had been suspended due to two pending hit-and-run charges. Those hit-and-run charges have since been thrown out because Bynes reached a financial settlement with the victims involved in both incidents.

Unfortunately, this ruling doesn’t mean that Bynes’ legal troubles are totally over. She is still battling a DUI case.

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